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What is Crypto Exchange Miami?
Crypto Exchange Miami is a company licensed to conduct the business of money transfers, exchanges, as well as deal with virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. We offer services in person at our offices.

How do I buy or sell Cryptocurrencies?
All you need is your ID, be over the age of 18, and have a mobile, hardware, or online wallet. While we buy diverse cryptocurrencies, there may be ones that we can't offer from time to time, so please call to find out if they are not one of the top ones by market cap.
How am I protected from being scammed?
Global Market Business USA, Inc. operates under the brand name Crypto Exchange Miami. We are licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services as a Money Transmitter, and we are also registered with FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network). As part of our licensing, we are required to maintain a bond. We are audited regularly and we are required to report our operations to the State of Florida, and in some cases to FinCEN. Thus our operation is transparent and duly supervised by the government and other entities.
Can I buy less than one Bitcoin? How much does a Bitcoin cost?
Yes, in most cases you can buy fractions of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin when its price is very high. While pricing changes all the time, currently Bitcoin's price is about $41,000 per coin. We have minimums for some currencies in order for the transactions to be cost-effective. Please call for more information.

What is the minimum amount per transaction?
In general, the minimum amount per transaction is $1,000. In some cases, we can go as low as $500. However, we considered a transaction one or more related operations conducted on the same day. For example, if you sell us USDT and want to test that the crypto will reach the destination sending for example $100, but you want to sell us $2000, you'll carry out two operations, one for $100 (which would be below the minimum for a single transaction), and one for $1900.

What is the payment method?
We accept the currency, normally US Dollars, and we pay out in US Dollars. If you want to use another currency such as Euros, we will first convert the Euros to Dollars as a separate transaction, and then proceed to carry out the crypto transaction

Can I send Cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrencies, by their own nature, allow the holder to send them without any intermediary. So the answer to that question is yes. You can send your own cryptocurrencies to anyone you want. A word of caution: cryptocurrency operations are not reversible. If you send crypto to the wrong address the crypto may be lost forever. Also, make sure you know the person you're sending the crypto to. There are a lot of scams going on involving cryptocurrencies.

How do I receive Cryptocurrencies to my Wallet?
When you purchase cryptocurrencies from us, you let us know your wallet address for the specific currency you want, and we will send the crypto to that address. Then after the transaction is "confirmed", you should see the cryptocurrency in your wallet.

How long does it take to send or receive Bitcoins using Wallet?
Most cryptocurrency transactions require that the transactions be "confirmed" on the blockchain. Confirmation times depend on several factors: the type of crypto, how busy the network is, and how much fees were paid for the transaction.

I don't have a mobile phone. Can I still buy and sell Cryptocurrencies?
And it is. In order for you to receive the cryptocurrency, you will need to have a wallet, either an online cryptocurrency wallet or a hardware wallet. When you set up your wallet you will be able to set addresses to receive crypto. All you need to do is bring a copy of the QR code or the actual address where you want to receive your crypto currency.
What cryptocurrencies can I buy and sell at Crypto Exchange Miami?
You can buy and sell major cryptocurrencies from us. For lower market cap cryptos, and ERC20 tokens, please contact us to check if we carry them.
About cryptocurrencies

What is cryptocurrency?
Virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies are a new medium of exchange based on decentralized technology, which means that no party (or country) controls how currency is issued and spent. While it can be compared to regular money in that it can be used to purchase goods and services, its true potential and use are much broader and more powerful.

How should I store my Cryptocurrencies?
The safest way to store your crypto is by using a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger.
You can also store them in the wallet apps installed on your phone, but be sure to write down and store the list of words in a safe place so you can restore your wallet in case your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged.
The other option is to use online wallets. However, this is also the riskiest option.


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